Thallium Stress Test Dangerous

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Is radiation exposure during a nuclear stress test dangerous? – The benefit of the information obtained from a nuclear stress test, when done appropriately … Nuclear stress tests expose patients to a larger dose, but it is not considered to be dangerous. For example, one of the most common types of … Feb 4, 2015 … Clots that form due to an erosion are often more dangerous than clots that form … to see during cardiac catheterization or stress/thallium testing. More »

I am scheduled to have a THALLIUM STRESS TEST performed in the near future to evaluate heart function (unexplained chest pains). All medical personnel involved in administering this test express complete surprise and disinterest (to the …

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May 23, 2013 … Each year, more than 10 million nuclear stress tests are performed to diagnose and guide treatment in patients with heart disease. Nuclear … Aug 11, 2016 … stress test …. Some cardiac arrhythmias can produce more dangerous symptoms such as … You can de-stress your way to a healthier heart. More » Apr 8, 2016 … Cardiac stress testing can be useful in diagnosing coronary artery disease, and in making exercise … The thallium collects in the parts of the heart that have good blood flow. … The stress test has … More »

Although physicians are responsible for directing and prescribing care for patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), nurses play a vital role in promoting … Mar 25, 2016 … Sustained ventricular tachycardia is by far more dangerous than … may also want to perform a stress thallium test to see if CAD is present. More »

100463.abstract) I hear the radiation from a single thallium stress test is equivalent to 1200 chest xrays. Don’t you think that is very dangerous for our blood cells? Anybody with adverse effects? As you all know it takes five years for solid … Aug 2, 2016 … … although your doctor may also want to perform a stress thallium test to … today suggests that PVCs themselves are only rarely dangerous. More »

Nov 13, 2015 … A thallium stress test is a nuclear imaging test that shows how well blood flows into the heart while you're exercising or at rest, using nuclear …

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Although the medical community seems to feel that getting injected with thallium for a stress test is safe, I would like your opinion about how safe it is, and how …

Not surprisingly then, false positive stress tests are a common problem. “The opposite problem also occurs. False negatives happen when the stress test fails to reveal a potentially dangerous blockage … exercise thallium, exercise radionuclide …